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Call to action to the NDIA

“It’s ok to make mistakes but you just have to learn from it from your own decisions in your brain. Mistakes happen.”

As the Victorian peak advocacy organisation for adults with intellectual disability, VALID is building on the current legal and social momentum behind supported decision making (SDM) to create a Position Statement that doubles as a call to action to the NDIA, Victorian Government and disability sector. This is why our Advocacy Writer, Katy Gagliardi, has been gathering perspectives from people with intellectual disability, families and advocates connected with VALID about SDM and its many nuances.

Katy will use these answers to put together VALID’s Position Statement on SDM that will include a variety of voices that speak to why it is important for people have good support and resources to make informed choices. This is important because “when someone takes my rights it makes me hurtful (sic) and sad.”

Find out about VALID’s systemic work here.

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