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Peer Action Groups (PAG)

VALID supports Peer Action Groups for people with disabilities, their family members and supporters across Victoria. They welcome anyone who is keen to become more confident in leading their own lives and work together with others to make local communities more welcoming and inclusive.

Each group is supported by volunteer leaders and VALID’s Community Development team. Peer Action Groups meet monthly in a community centre where they can have a community presence.

Leading change in our communities

Peer Action Groups provide peer support and encouragement for people with disability, their families and supporters to:

  • network with other people
  • create relationships and friendships that empower and make people more confident
  • increase opportunities for recreation, work and community participation
  • develop self-advocacy skills and learn to access independent advocacy support when needed
  • do projects together to improve and promote more inclusive communities for everyone.

Peer Action Groups gain access to VALID’s self-advocacy support, individual and systemic advocacy work, empowerment training and information resources. Peer Action Groups are currently established in Ballarat, Banyule/Darebin, Dandenong, Frankston, Geelong/Bellarine, Moe, Ringwood and Western Victoria.

If you are interested in joining a Peer Action Group or volunteering as a leader/facilitator, please contact Michele at [email protected] or on 03 9416 4003

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