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Disability Support Worker Conference

Stories of interest

Recently, Heather and Jon attended the Disability Support Worker Conference in Brisbane. They were involved in three presentations over the two days of the conference. The first presentation involved Heather presenting on how she has used her skills as a strong self-advocate to live life her way.

The second session was a panel on self-advocacy. Heather and Jon were asked to talk about self-advocacy in Victoria. Jon spoke about the early days of the self-advocacy movement and Heather spoke about the role that VALID has played in promoting and supporting Self-Advocacy. Heather talked about the different Networks, courses and events e.g. the Having a Say Conference that VALID provides to support people with disability to become self-advocates.

The third presentation was a Staying Safe session where the Staying Safe videos, including the latest community awareness videos, were showcased.

The feedback for each of the presentations was very positive with many of the conference delegates saying that they enjoyed the VALID presentations and that they were interesting and well delivered.

Heather Forsyth

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