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Having a Say Conference 2024

Luke Nelson, Communications Officer at VALID, shares his experience about attending and presenting at the Having a Say Conference earlier in February.


The Having a Say Conference 2024 was a good chance for self-advocates around the country to come together and talk about issues related to disability topics but also to hear their voice. There were over 700 people who attended the 2-day event.

There were 110 presenters and performers with a disability. I gave a presentation alongside Inclusion Australia’s CEO, Catherine McAlpine, about the NDIS Review. I talked about how this has to be an ongoing process and something we have to work toward.

It was a good chance to see what is on offer in the disability field in terms of the expo, presentations, and getting together with the disability community.

The dinner disco was fun and it was good to hear from the Public Advocate Colin Pierce about First Nations people and disability. It is important to talk about inclusion from all levels of government.

Bruce Bonyhady was the keynote speaker. He talked about the NDIS, and what it is going to look like in the future and he answered questions from the audience.

People got together at the disco to celebrate the future and it was great to dance with friends and co-workers. It was a great way to end the conference.

Bring on 2025!

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