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We Can’t Be Beaten!

Thank you for attending our online event

We are pleased to be able to provide you access to presentations given over the two-day We Can’t Be Beaten online event.

Loud and Clear Queensland (LNCQ)

LNCQ were due to do the opening performance of Having a Say 2021 conference, but due to Covid restrictions the conference was postponed. 

So LNCQ put together something special for our two-day online event.

VALID would like to thank LNCQ and you can watch their performance on the right.

‘Life is a Battlefield’ – A COVID-19 Call Up

Uli Kaplan whose documentary Life is a Battlefield was going to be launched during HaS:2021, but he will now do this at a later date and congratulations to Uli, as his documentary has been picked up by SBS and will be aired we hope on International Day of People With Disability.   

Uli also has had his COVID vaccination and was encouraging everyone to get vaccinated.

Sarah Anderson and Steve Clancy from Victorian Department of Health joined the discussion about COVID vaccinations.

Their presentation is available here 


Big Changes at the NDIS

Our online event was at the height of the campaign against the introduction of Independent Assessments by the NDIS.

If you want to see what we had to say about the issue during the event click here for the PowerPoint 

powerpoint slide of a list of changes proposed by the NDIS including independent assessments

Creating Inclusive Communities

This session highlighted the achievements and work of VALID Peer Action Group leaders in bringing citizens together to make positive change in local communities across Victoria. Find out more here

Mental Health Royal Commission

Uli Kaplan and Jon Slingsby, talked about where the Mental Health Royal Commission.

In the report there are 65 recommendations for making the mental health system better. Uli and Jon spoke about some of the recommendations and how they affect people with disability who need support with their mental health.

Their presentation can be downloaded here Royal Commission Presentation – Uli and Jon

photo of cover of the Final Report of the Victorian Royal Commission into Mental Health
Mental Health Royal Commission Final report
Logo of the Inclusion Australia 'Everyone Can Work' website

Talking about Work

Inclusion Australia presentation about employment for people with disability.  Check out their ‘Everyone Can Work’ website for more information.

Logo of the Inclusion Australia 'Everyone Can Work' website
Inclusion Australia website

Disability Royal Commission

Sarah Forbes (VALID) and Catherine MacAlpine (Inclusion Australia) talked about the work of the Disability Royal Commission and the things you need to think about if you are going testify.  This includes the support services available to people who wish to testify.

Disability Royal Commission poster with photo of people with disability and info
Click to go to support services site

Peter Scott (P.S.) Project

Zoe and Heather from the VALID team provided an overview of the PS Project.  This Project is following up people who moved out of Victorian institutions over the last 25 years.  See their presentation here

Justice for All Project

The Justice for All project is coming to an end, so Emily and Andrew from the VALID team provided an outline of the project and gave us all a sneak preview of  video that will be used to educate staff.

photo bare prison cell with only a mattress
If Prison is the answer, what was the question?

VALID8 Project & VALID Self-Advocacy Networks

The VALID8 team presented on their project, which is to visit disability group homes in Victoria to look at resident empowerment and self advocacy practices. 

The VALID8 team have co-designed the VALID8 App to make this process more accessible, both for them and the residents they speak to.

VALID also presented on the self-advocacy network meetings every month in the Eastern, Northern, Southern and Western Melbourne Metropolitan Regions. 

The Network Meetings help people to learn and use their self-advocacy skills. The networks empower members to speak up about things that are important to them and provide opportunities for members to speak up in their community.

See their presentation here

photo of the VALID8 team Zoe, Jenny, Greg, William, Sara, Anthony, Suzannah and AJ
The VALID8 Team at the start of the project

VALID Position Statement on Accommodation

VALID is updating its’ Position Statement on accommodation. This presentation was to start discussion  about what we should expect in a ‘home’. Take a look at the slide show here


A Call to Action

During this two-day event people with disability and their families shared their fear and anger about plans to overhaul the NDIS, especially Independent Assessments.

Kevin Stone AM, CEO of VALID and Chair of Inclusion Australia ended the conference with a powerful statement opposing NDIS independent assessments.

Thank you for being part of VALID’s online event and if there is any other information that was talked about that you would like please email [email protected]

See you all at Having a Say 2022

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