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Empowered to try something new

Recently, Monica took part in VALID’s online Keys to Success training and found the course empowering and informative. Here is what she had to say.

I loved the time of day that the course was on, the general knowledge about the country and how it runs, etc. I really liked the battery changing idea and the personal stories of people’s lives to explain about the lesson, that was really helpful. I enjoyed the way the meeting was run and the fact that we could have general discussions and hear others opinions.

I felt I needed to find out how to pay utility bills and after the course I felt empowered to talk to my parents. I feel empowered to try something new that maybe I wouldn’t have done in the past, eg. the job we talked about. The course was a good reminder of my rights and how to use my voice. I learnt that I should trust  my emotions. I enjoyed the games that we played to go over what we’d learned and how we were all included by reading the power point.
You can find out more about the Keys to Success and Staying Safe training here.

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