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Expression through art

Late journalist, comedian and disability rights advocate Stella Young has been immortalised in a statue at Cato Park in Stawell, and Candace from the Western Victoria Peer Action Group was in attendance.

Candace had the pleasure of advising on one of the planning collectives of the project.

“I was in the Access Collective Group giving information and ideas about where Stella would be placed and making it easy for access to view Stella Young statue”

“The launch event for Stella Young was an amazing experience. Just to be there in person and seeing how many people actually turned up, it showed how much love and support Stella had.

It’s an experience I will never forget, and meeting all the groups and the amazing people who was involved in the Stella young Statue.”

The statue is the first of six artworks to be unveiled over coming months as part of the Victorian Women’s Public Art Program – a $1 million investment. We will keep you updated on the future statues.

You can find out more about the Peer Action Groups here.

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