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Families as Planning Partners Course


A course conducted by parents with personal experience of the NDIS, for families who want to understand and use the NDIS as an opportunity to build a ‘Good Life’ for their family member. This is essential learning for all families whether they have an NDIS Plan yet or not. Please scroll down to find current training in your area.

Session 1. Understanding your NDIS Plan

  • Start preparing for your NDIS Plan Review
  • What is and is not funded.
  • What you can and cannot do.
  • What is your role and responsibilities?

Session 2. Getting Effective Support!

  • Learn the NDIS Language
  • What you need to have and do for the Plan Review
  • Communicate effectively with NDIS, services and workers

Session 3. NDIS Planning & Whole of Life Planning

  • Prepare for Review – develop your ideal NDIS plan.
  • Planning – Person Centred, NDIS and Whole of Life Plans
  • Learn how to write Goals.

Session 4. How to Manage the Plan supports and funding

  • How to manage the plan – the funds and the supports
  • Understand the NDIS Price Guide and how to use funds flexibly
  • Getting the Best out of your NDIS Plan
  • Implementing the Plan – How to get the services and supports you need.

Please note: You must commit to attend all four sessions, places are limited.

To register, download and complete the following forms. Email or SMS a photo of the form to [email protected] or Ph. 0407 555 274

Families as Planning Partners brochure

Online Course registration form

Please call Maree for further information 0407 555 274

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