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Goal achieved!

Stories of interest

Support Coordinator Darryl got in touch with VALID’s advocacy team as he could see Joe was socially isolated and lashing out at work when frustrated. Joe, Darryl and the advocate worked together in implementing his NDIS plan, enabling Joe to access the community and handle stressful situations at work.

Joe has worked in supported employment for over 30 years and works in the industrial section as a process worker doing packing. Joe enjoys his work and wants to continue working but sometimes he gets frustrated and wants to be the best at his work. Joe currently lives in a nursing home and is considerably younger than his fellow residents. Joe is a huge Carlton Football Club Supporter and likes to go to games but needs support for this. Joe can often exhibit(s) loneliness behaviours where he roams the streets by himself away from his residence and may resort to playing the poker machines and loses his money.

Joe and his support coordinator worked together to come up with a list of goals in order for Joe to gain more independence, work on his behavioural responses when getting stressed and participating more with his local community.

The Manager was very forthcoming about his concerns for Joe and related a long history of behavioural problems and illness issues for Joe and agreed to work with everyone on Joe’s NDIS Plan Implementation. The Manager said Joe was a ‘loner’ and didn’t do very much for himself domestically and although he related quite well with the staff at the home, he thought Joe was unwilling to change much. The advocate set out a process with the support coordinator to follow up with Joe to use Supports and also to gain a Choice Mentor from VALID in due course.

The advocate met with a support worker, Steph, from Joe’s work who has known him for many years. Steph gave insights into Joe’s behaviours, likes and dislikes and Steph agreed to meet with the advocate at Joe’s residence to discuss interventions there, the introduction of Disability Support Worker’s for Capacity Building, to help Joe to be more independent and to assist with his social isolation problems, and reduce his gambling and money wasting problems. Joe is also interested in a support worker taking him to the football at a Carlton Game as he is an avid supporter of the Tigers.

Joe’s Support Coordinator is now working with State Trustees to make the most of his transport funds to enable Joe to have more options for social and community participation

After the advocate met with the support coordinator and staff at Joe’s accommodation, Joe is now receiving one on one support which enables him to go to the footy to see his favourite team play. Joe is also excited about meeting his Choice Mentor through VALID’s Choice Mentor program and he plans on making more decisions about his NDIS funding and his life.

You can call VALID to speak with an advocate on 03 9416 4003 or email our Duty Intake Advocate at [email protected]


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