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Having a Say Call for Expressions of Interest!

Stories of interest

The 20th anniversary of the Having a Say Conference is happening from February 4th to 6th, 2019. We will be looking back on 20 years of self-advocacy and leadership within the disability sector.

Advocacy is what VALID does best and to pass that knowledge onto people with intellectual disabilities relationships have been formed and friendships have flourished. VALID runs programs for people with intellectual disabilities to assist them to become their own leader and reach their own goals.

Over the years, many people with a disability and disability organisations have attended the conference. We have seen their confidence grow and more and more are speaking up. People are sharing their knowledge and experiences through presentations at the conference.

We want you to share your stories about Having a Say. Expressions of Interest (EOI) to present or perform at the conference are now open. Return your completed EOI form to VALID by August, 31st 2018.

If you need extra time to submit your EOI you can request an extension by contacting Brenda at the VALID office on 9416 4003 or Christine via email [email protected]

Expression of Interest for presenters

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