What We Do

VALiD provides a range of advocacy and information strategies that connect together, supporting people with a disability on their journey towards empowerment, inclusion and a good life in the community.

Peer Group

Peer Action Groups

VALID support people with disabilities and their families to prepare for and engage with the National Disability Insurance Agency. 


Individual and Systemic Advocacy

Emma and Yvette

Keys to Success Program

VALID has developed the Keys to Success program to educate and empower people with disabilities and their supporters. 

VALID Self Advocacy Program

Building the skills of people with disabilites to influence the policies and decisions of service providers and the community.

VALID Community Development

Advocating for connected and informed communities that support the rights of people with a disability to be included as full citizens

Stand Beside

Stand Beside Self Advocacy

VALiD offers training in advocacy principles and skills to people who have a role in supporting, assisting or representing people with a disability