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Speaking up leads to empowerment

VALID’s Keys to Success Program (KSP) is a training course in empowerment that supports people to learn about speaking up and having a say. Groups learn a lot of important things – including their rights and responsibilities when speaking up, and that it is easier to have a good life when you are empowered!

KSP can be delivered at services and paid for using people’s NDIS funding. Individuals can also purchase the training course if their NDIS plan includes funding to assist with transition to employment, skill development, understanding rights and decisions, and skill development in speaking up.

Here are some quotes from people who have previously participated in the KSP empowerment training:

“It helped me to be more confident to speak up for myself.”

“I was very happy with what we learned using our own books.”

“It was good fun. I enjoyed it.”

VALID’s Training and Consultations team recently ran KSP for a group of people who use Yooralla services. Participants found the training useful and informative.

If you would like to learn about getting involved with VALID’s KSP you can find out more here:

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