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VALID’s Pick My Project Initiatives

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Valid is leading two significant community development projects in Victoria that have been shortlisted for the Pick My Project campaign. Pick My Project is a Victorian Government community grants initiative, with $30 million available to fund local projects. You can vote for the VALID projects and make your community a better and inclusive place to live.

Geelong Inclusive Art Project

An iconic public artwork celebrating inclusion and accessibility for Geelong

The Geelong Inclusive Art Project will address the need to have a permanent public art work in Geelong that represents and celebrates the lives of people living with disability. We will advertise an expression of interest, shortlist and commission a professional artist to create an art work that enhances the visibility of people with disability in Geelong. Artists with disability and with demonstrated experience will be strongly encouraged to apply. This project is community led by Geelong Peer Action Group, and supported by ArtGusto, Barwon Disability Resource Council, NDIS, Arts Access Victoria and the City of Greater Geelong.

The Geelong Inclusive Art Project will assist in the role of education and discussion about disability in the community. For people with disability, the process will create local opportunities for networking, the development of self-confidence and empowerment. This new public art work will afford visibility to people with disability and enhance and promote the Barwon region as an inclusive and accessible tourist destination. With the support of the City of Greater Geelong, we will activate a visible public site in Geelong that will come to symbolise inclusion and will be accessible for the whole community to enjoy free of charge.

Vote directly for Geelong Inclusive Art Project via this link

Gippsland Airwaves Access

Including people with disabilities in radio production in Gippsland

Airwaves Access is an initiative of Gippsland FM, inspired by Moe Peer Action Group (PAG). Together they have identified the power of radio to amplify the voice of people with disabilities in our communities. Gippsland FM and Moe PAG will work with VALID,

AMIDA, 3CR Raising Our Voices team and Moe Life Skills to develop a model of inclusive radio programming. This includes training for Gippsland FM volunteers, development of radio production skills for PAG members, delivery of 8 radio programs in 2018/19 and development of an Airwaves Access Inclusive Programming Resource targeting community radio stations across Victoria.

Now more than ever, with the introduction of the NDIS, the voice of people with disabilities needs to be front and centre in the community. A local radio program led by members of the Moe PAG presents an opportunity for people with disability to engage the local community and promote awareness of challenges and opportunities, emerging as a result of the introduction of the NDIS. More importantly, people with disabilities also have rich stories to tell about their experience of life. We feel radio offers the opportunity to capture these stories and to celebrate the diversity of the Gippsland community.

Vote directly for Gippsland Airwaves Access via this link

Please follow these steps to vote:

  1. Follow the link to
  2. Register an account
  3. Confirm location – Geelong or Morwell (you don’t have to live in the area to vote for a project)
  4. Add ‘Geelong Inclusive Art Project’ or ‘Gippsland Airwaves Access’ to your Shortlist
  5. Select another 2 projects that you like
  6. …. and click VOTE!

Your vote will help Valid fund these important community development projects in your community

Voting will close on Monday 17 September 2018

For help with voting, follow this link

Moe Peer Action Group
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