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Who can request an NDIS plan review?

Media Release

The NDIA recently answered an important question about who can ask for a review for an NDIS participant. They said that independent advocates, support coordinators, providers or any other person who supports you can contact the NDIA to explain any changes you need in your plan.

This is important because VALID advocates for a lot of people with intellectual disability who do not have family or anyone else to help with decision-making, and need someone else to ask for a review on their behalf. Sometimes people need full assistance with simple NDIS decisions but do not have a Plan Nominee because they have no-one to nominate, and they do not have a guardian because there are no major legal decisions to be made.

The Independent Advisory Committee to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) answered the question asked by Ms Belinda Epstein-Frisch, on behalf of the Council’s Intellectual Disability Reference Group. Ms Epstein-Frisch used a case study from VALID to emphasise the importance of allowing people to assist participants with plan reviews.

Please find the full report here

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