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About Us

VALID is an award-winning organisation that has been at the forefront of advocating for people with a disability in Victoria since 1989. 

Over that time, we have developed training tools, information and resources, and advocacy to help empower people with disability and their families.

Sarah Forbes


VALID is committed to the vision of an Australian nation in which people with a disability are empowered to exercise their rights – as human beings and as citizens – in accordance with the UN Declaration on Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

AGM 2018 - VALID - Mark and Sarah


VALID’s mission is to promote and protect the human rights of people with an intellectual disability and to champion their rights as citizens to: Community Presence, Choice, Respect, Community Participation and Self Determination.

AGM 2018 - VALID - Jon and Zoe


VALID aims to empower individuals with intellectual disability to:

  • Exert control and influence over the decisions and choices which affect their lives
  • Inform and influence the policies, processes and practices of disability service agencies, governments and other authorities
  • Exercise their human rights and citizenship status within their local communities
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