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Connecting the NDIS dots

At the very beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Families as Planning NDIS training took their four day workshop offline and took it online. Now that the course is running online, families are finding it easier to attend the training as they no longer have to spend time travelling. The course aims to empower participants and encourage person-centred approaches. The course is designed specifically to assist parents and families of people with disability to get ready for transition to the NDIS. One couple took part in the free online training and now feel like they can navigate the NDIS stress free. You can read the mother’s letter below.

‘Before I took part in the online Families as Planning Partners course, my husband and I were really quite lost as to how we could best support our children with NDIS.

We had some funding, but no idea what it all meant.

The material that we received in the post before the course was overwhelming, but once we got going with our course facilitator Maree, it all started coming together.

Each of the 4 sessions had its own theme, and its own specific book to take notes in.

Maree used easy to understand language, and when information was really important for us to grasp, she would repeat it again and ask us to write it down.

I have recommended that all of my friends who have children with disability attend this course, no matter what stage they are at with their NDIS journey.

We truly feel like at the end of this course, we have everything we need to effectively advocate for our children, and that we understand what tasks fall to us as parents, and which tasks we should be reaching out to other professionals to undertake.

A fantastic use of your time if you are even a little unsure about your role in the NDIS process.’

You can find out more about NDIS – Families as Planning Partners course here.


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