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The Dulcie Stone Award Ceremony

Stories of interest

On Wednesday 25th July people visited The Wheeler Centre to celebrate the winners and all the writers who entered The Dulcie Stone Writers Competition. Writers were presented with certificates by Heather Forsyth from VALID and Harriet Gaffney, Project Coordinator from Write-ability and the winners were given the opportunity to read their work. VALID’s Community Development Assistant Manager

The Dulcie Stone Writers Competition is an annual writing prize open to people with intellectual disability. The competition is coordinated by Paul Dunn, VALID’s Community Development Assistant Manager, and is designed to showcase the voices of people with intellectual disability. As Harriet points out, “Being able to tell your own story – sad stories or happy stories, stories about other people’s lives, stories about things we love, stories about our favourite day – is vital.”

Only six winners could be selected but every story we received provided us an insight into the lives of over 60 people living with a disability. This is just a snapshot of this community and an important one that needs to be shared and listened to.

We received so many wonderful stories for this year’s award and we thank everyone who entered. We truly wish we had been able to award every one of you but remember – we will be waiting to read your entries next year!

The Dulcie Stone Award Ceremony - Adam James
The Dulcie Stone Award Ceremony - Jessica & Jennifer Tomkins
The Dulcie Stone Award Ceremony - Andrew Prior
Writers Victoria
The Dulcie Stone Award Ceremony - Georgia Green
7 of the Dulcie Stone award winners
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