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Easy English Training

What is Easy English?

VALID’s Easy English training gives people information and handy hints on how to write or convert documents into Easy English. Easy English, also known as Easy Read, uses text, pictures and document layout to make information easier to understand for:

  • People with intellectual disability
  • People with low literacy
  • People whose first language is not English

An example of an Easy English document is VALID’s complaint policy.

Writing or converting documents into Easy English is not just about changing a few words and adding pictures to Plain or Complex English documents. It is a way of writing that uses words and images to tell the reader or listener what the words mean. The Easy English document needs to balance simplicity and not losing the meaning from the original document.

There are two options for the delivery of VALID’s Easy English training:

Option 1: Online Training (minimum 2 people, maximum 10)

Price: $318 per person

Timing: 3 sessions at 90 minutes each

Option 2: Face-to-face Training (minimum 3 people, maximum 10)

Price: $365 per person

This covers:

  • 3 sessions at 2 hours each
  • Travel within the Melbourne metropolitan area

These sessions are run over 2 hours to allow for setup, pack up and time for people to engage on a personal level.

Contact us for more information or a quote:

VALID Office: 03 9416 4003

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