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The VALID Moe Peer Acton Group, Moe Life Skills, High Street Community Hub and Latrobe City Council in partnership with film makers and producers from the City of Port Phillip, Arts Access Victoria, the Self Advocacy Resource Unit (SARU) and MOJO Films held an outdoor screening of Fantastic Flicks at the High Street Community Hub on Friday 5 of April.

Fantastic Flicks presents 18 very different films made by and about people with disability. The films capture a range of powerful stories about life, love, exclusion and inclusion and the potential for people with disabilities to transform the world we live in.

We were gifted with a perfect evening for the event which included live music from the 350s Blues Band.

Executive officer of Gippsland Disability Advocacy and Information (GDAI), Adrian Terranova and his family attended the screening. Having recently taken up the role at GDAI after a long period in housing services, Adrian felt he gained a valuable insight into the diversity of the disability community through the films. “It gave me the opportunity to learn more about the line of work we are involved with.”

The film that stood out for Latrobe City Council Rural Access Officer Joanne Bedford was Witness an award-winning film that tells the story of John Harrowell’s experience at the state institution Caloola. “The film told such a sad story and highlighted the cruelty people faced in institutions. This should not be a forgotten story, “Jo said.

Adrian believes it is important to continue running events like this. “We need to keep engaging with community to break down barriers and Fantastic Flicks is one way we can do this.”

Jo agreed with Adrian. She wholeheartedly recommended the event to others, “I would recommend others run Fantastic Flicks screenings in their local communiti8es. It was well run, inclusive and thought provoking.”

A special thanks to Dan Clancy who provided the outdoor screening and technical support on the night. It was our first attempt at running an outdoor screening and it went off without a hitch which was a great relief.

If you would like further information about Fantastic Flicks call Paul Dunn at Valid on 0455 477 303 or email [email protected]

people sitting outside at dusk looking at a projector promoting FANTASTIC FLICKS

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