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Inclusion International World Congress reflections

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VALID staff members Heather, Zoe and CEO Kevin Stone attended the Inclusion International’s World Congress in Birmingham.

The VALID staff members were delighted to attend the event with Colin Hiscoe and support worker Pam Geoghegan from Reinforce.

The World Congress, which ran from May 30th to June 1st 2018, brought together people and organisations from all over the world to learn from and inspire each other. Seventy-one countries were represented, nearly 1,000 delegates attended the event and 500 were self-advocates.

The event brought everyone together to:

  • Learn and share experiences from around the world about issues and challenges faced by people with intellectual disabilities and their families as well as strategies that have been successful in achieving change
  • Inspire and be inspired by successes and innovations for inclusive practices
  • Lead the way as a global movement in promoting inclusive communities

Heather reflected on the congress: “I found the congress was very good and it was good to meet with self-advocates from all over the world and learn about what they are doing in their countries,”

“I talked about the work VALID has done across Victoria and how it is a big part of my life. I was proud and talked about something I believe in and the great job we do. VALID has given me the opportunity to do a lot and encouraged me to grow”.

Zoe reflected on the congress: “Having the opportunity to attend the World Congress and support Heather to represent VALID and Self Advocacy in Victoria was an awesome experience. Listening to and hearing from Self Advocates from other countries reinforced how much Victoria is already doing in this space. It will be great to see how much work we can all do together.”

You can find out more about Inclusion International here.

Zoe, Kevin and Heather from VALID and Judy Huett from Speak Out Tasmania
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