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Interview with Olivia Petty

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Olivia is the Manager of the Disability Portfolio in the Priority Communities Division at Victoria Police. Her role is to support the organisation to improve police services for people with disability. This includes co-ordinating projects and initiatives that improve access to the criminal justice system, particularly for people with cognitive and communication disabilities, and improving the quality of data about police services to people with disability. Olivia joined Victoria Police in 2016 and has worked in a range of policy and project roles focusing on human rights and cultural community education. Prior to this, Olivia held positions in the not-for-profit sector and has a background in youth justice, child protection and youth employment.

During John McKenna’s interview with Olivia, they discussed:

  • Why this role was developed by Victoria Police
  • How Victoria Police differentiate between Mental Health Issues & Intellectual Disability (ID)
  • Current relationship between Victoria Police and People with ID
  • Issues currently for Victoria Police when working with People with ID
  • The difference between criminal behaviour & people with behaviours of concern

These Podcasts are produced by VALID, based in Melbourne, Australia. VALID provides a range of advocacy and information programs that knit together to support people with a disability on their journey towards empowerment, inclusion and a good life in the community. The VALID Podcast provides regular commentary and updates on VALID’s work, and chats with people who share their stories about disability. You can find our other podcasts here.

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