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It is OK to seek help

Stories of interest

Sometimes people get caught in situations where they feel confused, misunderstood or unsafe. Self-advocate Elicia found herself in a situation recently where she felt unsafe and found the courage to seek help. Here is her story:

Recently I went to my art classes with taxis but the driver loading me in backwards in my wheelchair he then took me down and I fell on my right side. I screamed and the staff came running out to lift me up. The taxi driver came with me in the office where office staff were and we rang the ambulance when ambulance came checked me out and I went to emergency and I waited a long time before I had the MRI scan for my head and knees. This is my message to other people out there, when getting in to the taxi be careful and check if it’s safe enough before you take-off.

If you are interested in developing your self-advocacy skills, email VALID’s Self-Advocacy Coordinator, Rick Ruiu or call 03 9416 4003.

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