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Keys to Success – Staying Safe Project

Stories of interest

Jon and Zoe have been working with a group of self-advocates and video production company Silverpod, to develop a series of new Community Awareness videos.

The videos aim to inform the community about the need to respect people with disability and to prevent abuse and neglect. VALID will be releasing the videos through social media and will hopefully get coverage in some form of mainstream media.

The filming of the videos was conducted at a studio in Brunswick. The day of the filming was draining for all involved as people talked about their painful experiences. There was lots of support for each other and at the end everyone was excited to have been involved in the project.

Watch out for the release of the videos soon!

Barry: I’m glad I was part of filming, I’d like to do it again. I’ve been looking forward to viewing the videos
Anthony: I hope people will understand what we go through. We want the message to go world wide. We want people to understand and know what happens to people with intellectual disability.
Dwayne: I think we need to get the message out there
Jenny and Heather
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