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Leading In Health

Members of the Geelong and Bellarine Peer Action Group have been working closely with Western Victoria Primary Health Network and Supporting People with Intellectual Disability to Access Health (SPIDAH).

The SPIDAH project aims to improve how primary health care services (GP’s and Allied Health workers, like physiotherapists and dietitians) provide services to, and experiences for people with an intellectual disability.

The series of education sessions has been developed through consultation with people with lived experience, carers, the community and a range of primary health care and other health professionals, including GPs.

Partnering with Western Victoria Primary Health Network has provided rewarding leadership and advisory opportunities for our Peer Action Group members. They have been able to build upon their skills and create change locally.

Elica Petroska has been working with Dr Robert Ward of Eastbrooke Family Clinic Belmont to co facilitate a presentation developed by Council for Intellectual Disability (CID).

The sessions involve sharing both of their experiences and supporting primary health care professionals (such as GP’s and dietitians) to increase their understanding when working with a person with an intellectual disability, to tailor their response to their individual health needs, while also promoting overall health and wellbeing.

Ellie Blackney is on a Research Advisory Panel that is assisting a PhD student at Victoria University, Melbourne Australia, Monica Wellington with her project: Supporters’ Perceptions of Food and Nutrition for Australians with Intellectual Disability, to understand what carers and support staff understand about healthy eating and food preparation, for improved and preventative health.

Ellie has a keen interest and wealth of knowledge on food and cooking to contribute. Please reach out to Monica Wellington, [email protected] if you would like to participate.

Excellent work Ellie and Elica, and we look forward to hearing the outcomes of your projects.

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