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Look Listen and Link

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A number of VALID staff members recently took part in Mental Health First Aid training. The course focused on high-risk issues that staff members should be prepared for if someone shows signs of depression and suicide.

The training focused on some of the assumptions surrounding suicide and the myths that have been perpetuated over the years.

Staff learned about the Three L’s: Look, Listen and Link and what they mean when it comes to preventing suicide.

LOOK: Take notice of people around you and their behaviours

LISTEN: Listen to what is being said

LINK: Connecting people to appropriate supports

If you or someone you know needs help with suicide prevention, either contact a Doctor, Counsellor, Lifeline, Beyond Blue, Suicide Call Back Service, SuicideLine, Mensline, Kids help Line and the 000 Crisis Response Team (CAT) and get help.

VALID staff members said they found the course invaluable, providing them with tips and skills that everyone would benefit from.

Find out more about Mental Health First Aid training here


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