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Metro Trains Melbourne Discussion Panel

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On October 2nd Self-Advocates Luke Nelson, Damian Paterson and Frank Cutuli went to Metro Trains Melbourne Head Office in Docklands to be part of a Q&A discussion about their experiences with accessibility on Metro trains and stations.

The panel discussion was part of Passenger Week and Luke, Damian and Frank talked about how access to public transport for people with a disability is vital as it enables them to access work and the community.

Among the audience were staff from Metro Head Office, Public Transport Victoria and the Public Transport Ombudsman.

Some key points from the discussion included:

  • how important it is for people with a disability to plan their journey
  • if there are cancellations or disruptions on the line, replacement buses may not be wheelchair accessible
  • the need for accessible stations and toilets
  • sometimes, especially if the train is crowded, there isn’t enough time to get on the train and sit down before the train moves, which can be frightening and/or dangerous.

Accessibility is possible – and there’s always more that can be done. Metro Trains will be coming to the Self Advocacy Forum in November to talk about their Accessibility Action Plan to make sure they are meeting passenger needs.

VALID looks forward to continuing working with Metro Trains Melbourne in the future to ensure that public transport is accessible for all.

Find out more about our Self Advocacy Program.

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