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NDIS Make It Work

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People with disability, families, carers and people who work in the sector all came together on Friday 3rd May for a National Day of Action, organised by Every Australia Counts, to demand a better National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The event was also attended by Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, Linda Burney MP, Minister for Disability, Ageing and Carers Luke Donnellan, among many others.

Self-advocates Jade (pictured), Luke, Samson, Shannon, Adam, Gerard and Brendan attended the nation-wide event in Melbourne, along with VALID staff members and had the opportunity to speak to Bill Shorten about their experiences with the NDIS.

Organisations such as Women with Disabilities Victoria, Summer Foundation, CYDA and YPINH also attended the event.

While there are lots of issues with the NDIS, there are also lots of solutions. Self-advocates, supporters and advocacy organisations will continue to work together to ensure that the NDIS reaches its full potential and stays high on the agenda this Federal Election.

On the eve of the Federal Election, the Labor Party has proposed to set up an NDIS Future Fund to secure the long-term financial future of the NDIS. Money held in the NDIS Future Fund will be used for the NDIS.

The event ended with Bill Shorten stating, “We want to make Australia the best in the world at providing people with disability support.”

Jade and Bill Shorten

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