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NDIS: The Neglect and Abuse Continues

VALID shares the outrage of Jake Castledine’s mother, Janice, who has branded her son’s experience with NDIS as: “Outrageous, unfair and short-sighted.”

“I am dedicated to building a proper life for my son,” says Janice. “But now I feel betrayed and utterly let down by the NDIS.”

Jake is a 25-year-old man who has intellectual disability, autism, bipolar disorder, epilepsy, PTSD after abuse in care, and has ‘behaviours of concern’. As a result of his anxiety, he self-mutilates and absconds, and requires the support of well-trained staff and an expert therapy team. Janice, who is deaf due to brain cancer and has chronic vertigo, climbs up and down stairs sometimes six times each night to support Jake. She has had three major heart operations and also suffers from congestive heart failure disease.

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