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NDIS Tip Sheets

VALID’s Families as Planning Partners team have put together a collection of tip sheets to help you navigate the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). These tip sheets are practical guides designed for use where applicable to your individual situation. VALID tip sheets should always be used in conjunction with relevant guidelines and are intended to help you get the most from your experience with the NDIS.

Note: Facts and information provided in these tip sheets were correct as possible as of June 2019, so it is advisable to check the relevant guidelines when making decisions to ensure that you have the latest information.

NDIS Tip Sheet 1 – Working with the ‘system’

10 Tips for Working with the ‘System’. These tips are provided as helpful practical ideas to use where they are relevant to your situation and should be used in conjunction with relevant guidelines e.g. NDIS.

NDIS Tip Sheet 2 – Top 10 Tips for Preparing for Your NDIS Plan Review

The following are some things you should think about in preparing for your Plan review. Where there are significant changes required or major gaps in NDIS funding, then we would suggest greater preparation is beneficial. You can collate your information yourself or use the VALID Plan Review Preparation Chart.

NDIS Tip Sheet 3 – NDIS related Complaints

If you are unhappy with the quality of support or performance of a Disability Service or other service that you purchase with your NDIA funding package read these tips.

NDIS Tip Sheet 4 – Implementing Your Plan

This tip sheet is aimed at providing you some practical tips for how to get your funding package put into place or in the jargon ‘implement your plan’.

NDIS Tip Sheet 5 – Selecting Services

Tips to consider when purchasing Services and Supports. These tips are provided as helpful practical issues and questions to use where they are relevant to your situation, in your selections of service providers and/or other supports.

Tip Sheet 6 – Advocacy & Other Key Contacts

Key Victorian Groups providing Advocacy, Information, Legal Support and Complaints handling etc.

NDIS Tip Sheet 7 – Preparing for Your first NDIS Plan

Preparing for Your First NDIS Plan Meeting The Profile section (About Me) of your NDIS Plan is in essence a ‘summary’ of the key things about your life. Tips one to four are aimed at assisting you to draft this section and your goals to give to your Planner as it forms your Participant Statement.

NDIS Tip Sheet 8 – Who is eligible for SDA (Supported Disability Accommodation)?

This info is for new (i.e. not for participants already living in a group home when the NDIS started in their area) participants wishing to become eligible for the SDA. This information is provided as an ‘interpretation’ of the NDIS’s documentation and current practice regarding SDA, so you should not use it in isolation to the SDA Rules.

NDIS Tip Sheet 9 – NDIS Funding

Understanding How NDIS Funding Works The following are common questions about NDIS funding. They have been answered in the context of the different ways to ‘manage NDIS funds’ e.g. Agency, Plan or Self-Managed.

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