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Power of the Voice

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VALID’s Self Advocacy Forum meets once every two months, and members are self-advocates who come together from different regions across Victoria

Guest Speakers are invited to the meetings to talk about issues that affect all Victorians with a disability.

The forum advises guest speakers on how to do presentations to people with disabilities

The Self Advocacy Forum is working on having a strong voice to discuss current issues and to have a voice in Government

At the last Self Advocacy Forum meeting Kerry and Mark from Legal Aid presented to the members to receive feedback on their new educational presentation called No More Fines.

Legal Aid are finding that there are ongoing legal issues for people with disability living in the Eastern Metropolitan area of Melbourne receiving Myki fines.

Members of the forum got involved in some role-plays to learn about their rights and how to respond if they are travelling on public transport and an inspector or a Protective Service Officer (PSO) ask them questions.

Some of the members of the forum gave feedback to Legal Aid, one of which was to use real pictures in their presentations rather than drawings along with developing an Easy English poster informing people on what to do if someone gets a fine.

Legal Aid will present at September’s Eastern network meeting and wanted to test drive the presentation with the Self Advocacy Forum members.

You can find out more about the Self Advocacy Forum here.

Self advocacy member Andrew
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