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Palliative Care Easy Read Resources

Palliative Care Victoria and VALID have created new resources to help professionals talk to people living with a disability about palliative care, death and grief.

You don’t have to navigate those challenging discussions on your own. There are health professionals and case workers you can lean on for help and Palliative Care and VALID have developed  easy-to-read and easy-to-digest tools and resources available to help people have those difficult conversations.

“These resources are an important step in promoting access to palliative care for Victorians with an intellectual disability and enhancing their overall health and wellbeing. They will enable providers to work in partnership with people with intellectual disabilities and their carers to deliver safe, high quality palliative care services that are inclusive, appropriate and accessible” said Martin Foley MP Minister for Health.

The free-to-download resources, available on the VALID website, comprise a range of useful booklets including: Loss of a Loved Pet, Loss of a Loved One, Let’s Talk about Palliative Care, When Someone Dies and Let’s talk about death.


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