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Employment Project

About the Employment Project

Employing people with intellectual disability is a good idea and can make work better for everyone. We all bring new ideas and perspectives to the workplace.

VALID worked with people with intellectual disability and employers on how to support people well at work.

During the project we had to start working from home because of COVID-19.

It was a great opportunity to learn new skills and try new ways of working together.

It meant that we had to do some things differently and ask other people for help.

What we found out

We interviewed twenty people with intellectual disability who work or have worked in open employment and twelve managers that employ people with intellectual disability.

We wanted to find out about what employers do well to support people with intellectual disability at work.

This report shares people’s experiences and things workplaces can do to support people at each stage of employment.

What we did

We tried some new ways of working together at VALID and found out that they made work better for people with intellectual disability and other employees.

ORIMA Research company made some case studies about the things that we did that worked well.

Read the case studies here:

What workplaces can do

VALID made information for workplaces to support people across every stage of employment. The stages are:

    1. Employing people with intellectual disability
    2. Recruitment – finding the right person for the job
    3. Orientation- getting started at work
    4. Supervision and feedback
    5. Support at work
    6. Workplace culture
    7. Skill development and next steps

Find out more

Find out more about employment for people with intellectual disability on the Everyone Can Work website

Inclusion Australia made easy read information about:

VALID worked with Inclusion Australia to run online workshops in December 2020.

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