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Seven things to do during lockdown

A lot of us are in lockdown again, and this time it might be feeling really, really hard. With that in mind, the VALID team have put together a list of fun things to do during lockdown.

The Penguin Parade is back!

At 6pm every night, you can watch the Phillip Island penguins come home from a hard day of ocean swimming!

The Museum of Us by Arts Access Victoria

It’s a virtual museum with art by people with disabilities. It has videos, drawings, paintings, sculptures and a lot more!

Take a virtual train ride!

These are videos of train trips in amazing places all over the world. Get some snacks, get comfy, and enjoy the ride. Some of them go for 10 hours!

Go to the symphony

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra has some recorded concerts on their website for free (some you have to pay for). This one is great and it’s free:

Adventures on Google Maps

You can check out the Eiffel Tower, the Grand Canyon, and even Mount Everest with amazing photos and 360 degree views.

The Paralympics is coming!

You can watch it on Channel 7 from next Tuesday the 24th of August until 5 September.

You can also write to a Paralympian to cheer them on here.

Dance it out!

Liz shared these Fitness Marshall videos with us last year. Even if you just watch it, and don’t dance along, you’ll probably feel better. Or you can do what I do: enjoy laughing at yourself while you mess the whole thing up tripping over your own feet. There are lots of them on YouTube if you search for Fitness Marshall.

This one, ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ by Justin Timberlake, might even remind you of the good feelings you have when you’re partying at Having a Say!

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