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Stories from Home – Week 6

Week 6 Stories – theme ‘Your Memories’


Memories by Janice Florence

In the stillness of home, there is space for memories to flood in and to pop out fully formed. A word from someone will call up a song my mother sang “Knees up mother Brown” pom, pom. Words and tunes pour out. I am carried on waves of song.


Memories by Georgia Green

None of my Nanas and Pops are alive anymore
But I remember them

Seeing my Nan at her house
My Nan played bowls
My Pop used to have Weet Bix
My Pop played golf
He went for Sydney

My Dad’s Mum used to make YoYo’s
Really tasty and crunchy

My pop, he went into hospital
My Nana’s plaque is in the hospital

And I remember too
Going to Melbourne to stay at my sisters
Seeing Muriel’s Wedding and Shrek
And sitting in the second row from the front
Catching up with my cousins in Adelaide
Dressed up as Where’s Wally at her birthday


Your Memories by Graham Binding

The old clock on the wall. I remember my Mum gave me that one Christmas. My Mum helped me a lot. On the farm Mum helped me to milk the cows. She made the sponge cakes. She took me to school. I helped her to do the housework. She’s gone now. October 2001. Nineteen years.



Vanny’s Memories

The thing about me is that I have a very good memories like long term memories, photographic memories, childhood memories and timeline memories.
I’m going to review some of my main memories like I’m good at looking at something and would be in my memory without forgetting it and it will be in my head.
With childhood memories my main one is when I was bullied at school but did not bother me as I know I am also the intelligent one because I played guitar and very talented like I can dance very good.
I am good at listening, observing and picturing in my head permanently.


Memories by Jenna Bailey

wheelchair full time
wanting to walk for my first communion
mum at the left
physio on the right
dad at the back of me to catch me
no one in front of me
slowly shaking walking movement towards
wafer moon placed in the mouth
a disbelieving church is crying


Memories by Mary Nickson

My memories about the COVID 19 is my nightmare in my memory having a lockdown or having nervous breakdown. And good thing about all of all this I could sleep in much more and most of all I could is to work from home and the meeting’s I enjoy being on the Microsoft Teams and Zoom.


Memories by Raphael Kaleb

Reality City“Figures boy figures. You write extremely well but there’s no money in it.
Sleeping on a concrete floor waking up screaming with cold and hunger each night.
“Either play the game or walk away. Your choice.”
Memories: Everything I wanted to forget.
At 44 I accepted responsibility for my life.


My Memories by Judy Kelly

My favourite memories:
Being interviewed on 9 News during 2015 Hawthorn’s Grand Final Open Training at Waverley Park by Mark Macgugan.
Being at major sports events: 2013 Grand Final where Hawthorn won and at 1996 Cricket World Cup in India, where Australia won.


My Memories by Leisa Prowd

Memory, deeper than bones.
Plastic, lights, chaotic beats.
Screaming, sirens.
Pho, photos, eyes shut tight
Drift, longing, fear
Facials, shrines, crystals
Toilet flowers.
Walks under the moon.
Yoga, sweat, pounding miles.
Dancing love
Distance pulls two souls; earth and moon orbit.
Back not forward.
Heart pounds.
Memory, my cage.


Memories by Brodie Shaw

I like watching home movies. They make me feel proud. I also like looking at old photos, it makes me feel cheeky. I watch the home videos that are created from Queenscliff, New Zealand Cruise with my friend Penny, and the surfing videos that I did at the start of the year. I really enjoy them.


My Memories by Trevor Dunn

The blue sky reaches up like the hands of a small child
Do you do graffiti mister?
What do you say?
She rang her back, but she won’t answer
What did she say?
Poppy was racing against the clock
Pink inline skates pink
Once around the park once


My Scarf 🧣 by David Baker

My treasured possession is my Grandfather’s maroon silk scarf. I called him ‘Amp.’ He was fun, loving and generous. He was an actor in England and wore this scarf to rehearsals or performances. Now, I am a performer and I wear ‘Amp’s’ scarf to my rehearsals and performances and feel our precious connection.


Your Memories by Tom Leembruggen

Horsham, Horsham Rockets
They are number one because they are good to me about playing in the Tri State Games with Friends as my team mates and winning a lot of gold medals. We try our best all the time.
Wimmera, Wimmera Whippets.
They are number one because I named the Wimmera Whippets team in 2014.


Memories 1 by Ann Mina

Hi everyone – While I send the email to everyone to get it
I want to tell you
I do social distancing
No hi-5✋and hugging 🤗,
No shaking hands 👏

Memories 2 by Ann Mina
You get there together
Wash your hands✋✋ With Water hand 🖐✋
and soap 🧼
10 seconds just saying birthday
Wash your hand✋✋
With your soap 🧼 your hand 🖐🖐


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