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Stories from Home – Week 7

Week 7 Stories – theme ‘Your Community’


COMMUNITY by Trevor Dunn

Trees and those who walk, talk, and hug trees.

Peace and those who flee violence and wish to live in peace

Reading and those who share their love of reading

Dancing and those who dance

My cat and those who pat my cat

Parking and those around the park.

Community by Janice Florence

People from my life, spread around the land, the world, the years. They are images on a screen, voices on the phone, photos, scrawl on cards, quickly over teacups. Neighbours who smile or look steadfastly forward. Millennials, dogs and pushers. Local cafe guy, talkative recycled furniture man, teeming and streaming.

Your Community by Vanny Mao

Well our Yooralla community has been a wonderful year and moment now than before.

Yooralla is a great place and service to honour all the staff’s who supported me in the community

Also when I’m out in the places I enjoy with outreach staff.

I mostly enjoy time with Marianne in the community having one on one outreach including Lee-Ann and Sharmaine.

We do lots in the  communities, recreation explore and so on.

The end.


My Community by Georgia Green

Every Friday night

But not since Corona, at the Moe RSL,

There is community

Being connected

Listening, talking

And making new friends


In Moe I feel safe and I like to walk

If anything happens, I just walk past the station and Moe Life Skills

I feel safe walking that way


And I know people keep an eye out for me


Since Corona there is a new way of community

On Zoom with my friends from Interchange

Talking, listening

Trivia nights and dancing to our favourite songs


I have started to volunteer again in my community

Soon there will be Breakfast Club

Sorting and serving out breakfasts

Where I make them stickers

And where they always talk to me

What do you love about your Community? by Adam Thrussell

My Neighbours like Ollie, Lillian, Mike, Bruce, Laura, Sue, Toastmaster Nagen, State Member Martin Foley and others give me a lift home, because I do not drive a car. Therefore, I appreciate that. My Mum provides baked custard and homemade soup. My Neighbour Sheila knocks on my door and provides slices of cake on a regular basis.


 My Community by Chris Bodley

In my community is my family and my friends, and I also have Moe Life Skills.

I enjoy going to Moe Life Skills because they help me with my learning and any problems I may have.

I like talking to my friends at Moe Life Skills.

I get a lot of help from my family.  I also like talking to my sisters.


My Community by Tommy Leembruggen

In my community I volunteer with Nippers

This is what they learn

To paddle, swim, run, water safety

Red and yellow flags

Always swim between them

Put your hand up in an emergency

Swim, swim

Between the red and yellow flags

So important to be safe in the water

Outsider by Jenna Bailey

I haven’t been outside in the community for 3 months

my community is a claustrophobic household

feel like I’ve been punished for something I didn’t do

I could wring someone’s neck

in lockdown where I can’t see sunshine

miss what I had before

Community by Judy Kelly

I had been in contact with Afford through Customer Service Manager Kellie Carruthers regarding their service & involvement with the Hawthorn Football Club, but haven’t had a chance to meet the Afford team physically due to the restrictions.

I hope to meet with both Afford & Hawthorn Football team.


My Community by Leisa Prowd

Brave New World.

Community, Identity, Stability.

In a world that values individual expression, this time has seen us yearn for community so much more.

I ponder this as I wander the streets.

Still in isolation.

I wonder where my community went.

They’re missing in the echo of their silence.


Community by Mary Nickson

Community to me is being in the region with everyone around me. like your neighbours and family or friends even your work mates are a part of one big the Community we all live together as a family one big Community. From people who are around us are got Down’s Syndrome and autism we are very proud to be that we are one big family in Community. 

Community by Raphael Kaleb

Title: The Christmas Party

“He’s my boss.” The manageress of the AAV Artist Engagement and Inclusion Team introduced me.

In reality I had a Hot Desk.

The centre table became my palace.

The creative decision makers sought out my ideas, advice and future plans.

Success is drinking champagne tears running down my face.

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