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Stories from Home – Week 8

Week 8 Stories – theme ‘Who and What You Love’


Passion by Jenna Bailey

I love my boyfriend first

a mum, dad, nephews, Footy, guys, day out

sex, shopping and sewing

embroidery writing

food and chocolate

imagining I’m a TV, DVD, Stan, Netflix character

cranked up music

pets, purple things

gen u, get out!, going out friends



Who and What You Love – A Promise to My Child Kane by Candace Bates

Being a parent doesn’t come with a rule book. I’m not perfect, I will make mistakes.

I won’t always practice what I preach, but I will still try and stop you making those same mistakes.

Not because I want the best for you.

I won’t promise that I will always make the right choice.

But I promise that it will always be made with love.

I may never be the perfect parent but I will always try my best.



Who and what do I love? by Janice Florence

I love it in the quiet night when the blustering world departs. I love plants, furry animals, friends and cafes. The sea coloured Irish jumper that came by mail and flew me to the Irish coast for a minute. My companion/lover/sparring partner/household hunter-gatherer/fellow traveller without map.



Who and What You Love by ‘Sprig Mason’

Take one firm attraction,

Mix well with flirtation,

And allow to prove.

When approximately twice the size

Season well and kneed til flexible

And comfortable to touch,

Place in a warm understanding oven

And baste with patience and acceptance every day,

Serve with consideration and

Garnish with respect and laughter sauce



Who and What You Love by Karleen Plunkett

Awake from my slumber,

Feel your gaze and your light touch,

My eyes see your brown eyes.

Before we rise I feel you in the small of my back.

I stretch to face the day and we’re face to face.

‘Poo wee’.

Your breath smells like last nights leftovers.

Your tail wagging sends dust motes swirling in the morning light.



Who and What You Love by Judy Kelly

Looked forward to going back to work.

Looking forward to the remaining footy season, but will miss going to both training sessions & matches.

Looking forward to going back to my favourite cafes/restaurants & cinemas with family & friends.Looking forward to returning the Gym.



Who and what I love (1) by Chris Bodley.

I love watching my DVD’s. The ones I love the best are “The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo”, “Romeo and Juliet” and David Attenborough’s documentaries.

I love reading books. My favourite book is “Geronimo Stilton”.

I love listening to music on You Tube. Some of my favourites are, “It’s In The Water Or The Blood” and “ King of the Road”.
I have a lot more things that I love doing.



Who and What I Love (2) by Chris Bodley

I love some sea creatures. The ones I like best are the Stone Fish, and I also like the Blue Ringed Octopus and the Box Jellyfish. I also like the Tiger Shark.

I love turtles. My favourite ones are the Loggerhead and the Hawksbill.

I love going to Australia Zoo to see the reptiles, such as snakes and the crocodiles.



Who and What I Love by Samantha Weerasekera

I love my Mum, my brother Andrew, family and friends. I love birds but crows are the best. I love to draw, tell stories, to walk, watch cartoons, drink chai tea and have cookies. I love routine and doing calm things like having holidays, massages, carers brushing my hair, and parties.



Who and What I Love by Georgia Green

I love my family.

My Boyfriend Justin.

He’s handsome, he is caring and we share ideas.

And my interchange family.

They go for St Kilda like me.

I also love my cousins Sarah and Kerrie.

I love my dog Billy.

I take Billy for walks.

I love working at St Vinnie’s

And the Salvation Army Op Shops.

I Like doing Zoom meetings.

And I Like to meet different people in the Zoom Meetings.



What and Who You Love by Graham Binding

I have barracked for Geelong my whole life. Since I was a very young boy because I liked pussy cats. My favourite player of all time is Garry Hocking. I met him once. And now it’s Paddy Dangerfield, Tom Hawkins and Joel. I loved the 2007 Premiership. We played well and I went.

I go every week. But not this year! Not even to the Gold Coast like I did last year.



Who and what you love by Michael Chan

I love being at home with my family; it feels like having a pleasure of eating great food and listening to music.

I love those amazing people from Back to Back Theatre; I love hanging out with them – whether attending workshops, classes or even tours that’s truly memorable.



Who and what you love -Title: Married to The Music By Rapael Kaleb

“He’s really proud of you.”

“I love Raph. We got married. 3 weeks ago. In Thailand.” She replied.


”Where’s your wife tonight?”

“She wanted a one way ticket to New York for her birthday.” I deadpanned.

The Riff Queen decided a guitar was a better lover than any man.



Who and What You Love by Tom Leembruggen

Merryn and i

We both met on a warm spring day when the sun was shining

Our two hearts filled with love’

We kissed for the first time

I knew she was a perfect match for me

As we danced that night we both had diamonds sparkling in our eyes



Who and What You Love by Brodie Shaw

I love my family and friends, but i also love myself. I love my family because they are caring and kind. and they love me just the same.

I love to go away on holidays, hang out with friends, and watch Steve Irwin videos. The music I like best is ABBA.




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