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Stories from Home – Week 2

Week 2 stories – theme ‘Isolation’

Isolation by Candace from Stawell Peer Action Group

Help me get out of this imprisonment

Stuck in this world of four walls

Feeling numb, stressed, overdone


Let me be free

Let me out

Let be me again

Feel like I am worthless, helpless

My head is going to explode

Let me out!!!!


During these hard times, lockdown laws in place, I have struggled to keep myself busy.
Giving up my new ‘fishing’ hobby.
Now finding other ways to keep entertained.

Cooking with my carers.
Yummy recipes like meatloaf covered in bacon, Anzac biscuits, chocolate mous, very yummy mars bar cheesecake.
Something to die for.
Taking up board games.
Fish keeping. They are relaxing to watch and they help with my anxiety.

During these hard times.

Talking to my best friend over messenger.
What she has been up to.
Weekly zoom sessions and visiting my parents.
Helping with chores.

During these hard times.

Weekly bike rides with one of my carers helps me to get me out of the house.
This lock down has made me a better person.
I have learnt new life skills that will help me in the future.

During these hard times.

Isolation by Leisa Prowd

We’ve never been more connected!
I’ve Zoomed and Skyped and Facetimed with faces from all over the world I miss and love and yearn for.
But I hit that “Leave Meeting” button.
The screen goes black.
More isolated than ever.
I miss real faces.
Conversation over dinner.

Lovely Isolation by Samantha Weerasara

I don’t want these holidays to finish. I like walking on the beach with Mum and I love to feed the birds. I talk to my carers on zoom from my bed and nobody bumps into me except Mum. The carers ask me questions and sometimes I answer.

Isolation by Georgia Green

Thinking about Isolation,

It’s about what you can’t do

That you used to able to do.

Like going to Moe Life Skills and the Salvation Army.

Volunteering at Breakfast Club.

Going to Traralgon by bus and catching up with friends at a Café

Things have changed.

There is no Friendship Group.

Not really being part of the Moe PAG even though we Zoom.

How you can’t see the people you used to see like my friends Cas and Justin.

I can’t see my family.

I can’t see my sister and my Auntie in her nursing home.

It has changed.

It has changed where you can go.

Isolation by Robbie Wales

Isolation has made me lonely and sad because I’m so used to seeing my friends on a daily basis.

Due to isolation, I’ve had no choice but to make alternative arrangements to contact my friends.

Isolation by Karleen Plunkett

Lengthy separation, reviewing, reflection, clearing clutter, keeping in touch, skype and zoom in demand, possibilities, planning future holidays, each day is another Saturday. Isolation has multiple measures.

Isolation by Eva Sifis


Wrenched from my halcyon reality, from my performance peak to lie prone, in nappies at the age of 23.

All those ‘friends’ gone.

My identity in tatters.

I must weather many years in the formation of a new me.

And to do this, I must do it alone.


Isolation by Sprig Mason

Neville loved isolation, it made sense, was logical, mathematical, sublimely intoxicating. It had an order that pleased him, comforted him, even improved his appetite. Every evening as he sat by himself, not one pea, one bean, one carrot or any of his dinner touched. Personalised isolation on a plate. Bliss.

Isolation by Judy Kelly

I have kept in touch with family through phone calls, Face Time & House Party.

Myer had kept in touch regarding the schedules through email & Myer Metrics.

I had been getting updates with the Hawthorn Football Club, my favourite sports teams & entertainment through online/social media/TV.

Hi Everyone by Ann Mina

We are at home we have to be safe and take care of ourselves

We have to wash our hands when we play outside

We have to wash our hands before breakfast and after breakfast

Before lunch and after lunch

Before dinner and after dinner

Isolation by Brodie Shaw

I have missed doing some of the things that I normally do. Like going to the pool to do my swimming. Instead I have had to find other things to do. I like going for walks with my Dad. We go to the lake and see lots of birds.

Isolation at Home by Kalena Bos

Its so hard having to isolate myself I’ve never been the sort of person who stays at home im the kind of person who enjoys been outside going bushwalking and walking and going to the gym bike riding going to the movies its not very often you would find me at home during the day im ushally only at home when it comes close to dinner time or im with friends and my support worker or going shopping I just want my life back it feels like jail been told you have to stay home I just wish it would go back to normal

The good things I guess would be been able to talk friends on skype and fb messenger and do craft at home and doing gardening with my support worker.

Isolation by Christine Segaert

People complain about having to stay home because of COVID19. Try having a chronic illness. Only a hand-full of friends visit, if you are lucky. People get sick of asking how you are, and hearing the answer. You are literally isolated by your own body. This isolation is everyday life.

Isolation by Jenna Bailey

is so alone

Isolation is not working for me

I’m a social butterfly

need freedom, no money

no cuddling no exercise I feel pulling out my hair

Being good all the time which I hate

putting weight on stuck with the same people

feel like no one cares about me

Isolation by Luke Nelson

My time in isolation has been quite interesting learning new skills on how to access new communication platforms for example, Microsoft teams and zoom.

I have been able to stay connected to family and work colleagues.

I have also been able to attend several social events on a regular basis via these platforms, which has been very useful in the maintaining of my mental health.

Isolation Reflections by Annie

I have been taking Elvis down to the oval to play fetch with his ball with my career and been going to the gym with my career but I haven’t for a while cause its shut cause of the covid 19 but when it all goes back to normal I am going to start get into doing the gym again with my career.

I have been doing some diamond art and spray painting mums driveway and the garden fence on the out side and the back side as well and more to come and I’ve been wood burning chopping boards and wooden spoons and wooden jewellery box and a butterfly money box and mini wooden boards And I did some art on a wooden letter L with some ribbon and rainbow poms poms balls and I decorated all nice and pretty for my niece Lilly for her 1st birthday. Also more to come.

Isolation by Michael Chan

I felt a bit stressed and crippled of not being able to see loved ones or someone special to me. Luckily, it is good to have Facebook, WhatsApp, even WeChat to stay connected with my friends and be sociable. I enabled to pursue my new interests like story writing or baking/cooking for my family that makes me feel like home.

Isolation by Raphael Kaleb

“Why aren’t the people on television talking with me?”

Every day I count the number of pebbles on my balcony.

Every day there’s a different answer.

Every day I hug my teddy bear and promise “We will survive.”

Then cry myself to sleep each night.

Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Isolation by Tom Leembruggen

It is hard to be in isolation.

Because we can only do little things.

Can’t do big things.

If it messes with your mind

Try to be open minded about it.

Make a list of want you can buy after isolation is over.

Stay safe and warm at home in isolation.

Isolation by Trevor Dunn

Isolation my cat sleeps in front of the heater in French

A shot rings out as a hooded figure sprints across a graveyard.

Kettle boils

I should prepare for my Zoom dance class tomorrow.

A small group of hooded figures now dance around a bonfire and chant in French

Isolation by Janice Florence

The world comes through my computer: stories, films, museums in faraway places, music, friends, workmates. I work, I wheel around the park. People smile or not. Birds call. Dogs career or amble. Owners swap dog stories. Our cat lounges. We picnic in the car. The garden grows. The virus lurks.

Lets Focus on the Positive by Peter Hird and Tania Griffiths
Peter – During this time in isolation I have had the opportunity to do a few workouts. Push ups, sit ups as well as listening to music and youtube clips on different topics. To me isolation has meant fitness, music and motivation.

Tania- Isolation means: Hobbies, family, sleep ins, word puzzles, watching T.V. and DVDs.

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