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Stories from Home – Week 3

Week 3 stories – theme ‘Friends and Neighbours’

Friends and Neighbours by Andrew Prior

My friends are Georgia, Josh, Paul and Chris.

They are kind, happy and friendly people.

We go out together for lunch sometimes.

I live in Moe and my friend’s do too.

I love my friends and family.

I love my pet cat Chewbacca.

I feed her dry food in the afternoon.


Friends and Neighbours by Leisa Prowd

You are my Moon and I your Earth. You affect my tides and I hold you in orbit. We are each other’s touchstones, you and me.
Together and apart. Present in absence.
You are the one who has kept checking in. Speaking more than other empty promises.

Best Friend by Simone Stevens

My best friend is Ellie Blackney we have known each other for 27 years. She’s special to me because she’s always excepted me as I am and not focus on my disability. I love Ellie so much as a very best friend.

Friends and Family by Chris Bodley

While we were in Corona virus lock down I started to miss my family and my friends.

I could not visit my sisters.

Now that things have eased a little, I am able to go and visit them.

I got a little bit bored to start with, but then I decided to watch my DVD’s and play my game Crash Bandicoot Warped.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at Life Skills soon.

Friends by Amelia Tziotis

What I miss most about my friends

We can’t touch

There are no high fives

When I see my friends again

We will tell stories

We will do puzzles

With them

I like to play games

Ball games

With them

And craft

Friends by Kayleah Davis

On 5 weeks we are staying at home

When the Coronavirus is here at

Easter and Mothers Day

Last week at MC2

I miss

Writing with friends

Playing on the computer

Cooking with friends

Dancing with friends


Playing instruments

Drawing with friends

Doing drama

Watching movies

Listening to friends

Friends by Alice Cleeve

My friends family and neighbours

How are they coping with isolation?

What are they doing?

I feel happy with Mum and Dad

But I miss friends

Kristina on the bus

Michael running

I miss friends

I miss digital literacy with friends

Lunch at Heatherwood House

Art and craft

And cooking lunch with friends

Friends by Janice Florence

We text, send silly film clips, phone, Zoom, email. I meet previously unknown, neighbours, in the flesh in the park. Across the park in the Mantra Hotel are neighbours we will never meet: refugees locked away from the sun and air, pale faces at the windows. Do they gaze longingly at the forbidden park?

One on One with My Neighbour by Georgia Green

In April

A Neighbour up the road, her husband died

He was our gardener

The funeral might be online, I think

I helped her with her bins

I collected the mail

I made a card with stickers

Last week we all visited

It’s a nice house

I visited again

We did colouring in

Had a cuppa

And we talked

I am going to see her Thursday


Friends and Neighbours by Trevor Dunn

Friends and Neighbours appear, disappear as they run in circles.

The Sun is bright and kind as the last days of Autumn welcome,

My neighbour, my neighbour’s dog, my friends lie distant in time.

Friends on the phone or standing off so their kindness doesn’t kill you.

Friends by Judy Kelly

I had been in touch with friends, former colleagues & extended family through social media, phone calls & emails. One thing I missed are get togethers & functions.

Friends and Neighbours by Ann Mina

I already wrote a letter to my neighbour who lives on the left side of us.

My younger sister posted in their letter box.

I wrote in the letter, ‘I hope that you both are well’, and I wrote my name on it.

My neighbours called me and thanked me for the letter.

I was really happy to hear her voice and her thanking me; it really made my day.

Friends by Robbie Wales

I have a good circle of friends. Some of my friends ae work friends while others are in the community. When the pandemic hit I wasn’t able to see my friends, so I had no choice but to talk to them by phone or by Facebook.

Friends by Raphael Kaleb

What are they?

What about work colleagues?

How about my disability allies?

Do cyber friends count? I haven’t met them!

Real life friends.

Is that a new term?

A new sociological study?

An academics analysis of socially acceptable behaviour?

Please enlighten me.

Other people don’t exist.

I have Aspergers Syndrome.

With gratitude.

Friends by Tom Leembruggen

Friends, Friends

I miss all my friends

Because CV-19 isn’t our friend

Friends will still be there when CV-19 isn’t about.

We can talk to our friends on zoom, on the phone or from a distance.

I believe that my friends are like rock stars because they are my friends.

Friends by Tara Wells

A friend is someone to talk to, someone that is honest, and someone who won’t backstab. They provide you with everlasting friendship. They are there to help you when times are tough. They make you laugh with crying laughter. They always listen and understand your situation. I like to go to the movies, catch up, and have dinner with friends, which is important to me because it helps my mental health.

Zoom Friends and Neighbour Haikus by Artists from Arts Access Victoria’s Get Out! Studio

she loves needling

like she’s looking at the floor

a bed behind her

monotone background

dark brown super hero

curl slow hand wipes back hair

yellow tiger top

bending forward unseen wheels

pictures on white wall

good sense of humour

door behind, what door? that door

battery dying

Family by ‘Sprig Mason’

Sue, Karen,Sally and Darren,

Malcolm, Bill, Betty and Phill,

Alice, Sharon, Lisa, Aaron,

Paul, Rick, Chloe, Mick,

Petra, Ted , Con and Ned,

Tran, Ally, Dave and Kellie,

Judy, Bob, Lee, Rob,

Wasim, Dot, Jade and Scott,

a happy motley lot, but all is good,

because we all love Collingwood.

Friends by Kalena Boss

During the corona virus I really missed my friends. It made me feel very sad, frustrated and angry. I felt lonely because I could not see my friends. I did not understand the rules because of the way the premier told them, they were very confusing. I feel better now that less people are getting the corona virus and I can see my friends again and get out more.

Friends and Neighbours by Mary Nickson

He is good a mate of mine and he work for VALID he was the best worker we had at VALID he does the Palliative Care. I Love the people who I work with and their good mates of mine, they are just wonderful and the best. Candice and I we both hit it off really well when we were at the Having Say Conference, we had ball together.

Friends and Neighbours by Michael Chan

Social distancing is a new norm, and despite being stuck at home unless shopping for food luckily my life cannot live without computer with camera and iPhone. Through social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Zoom I always be surrounded with circle of friends to reduce anxiety. I can show off my living skills like cooking, singing, or dancing and post to my friends.

Friends by Brodie Shaw

I miss seeing my friends at the moment. I am happy that I can still see their faces on messenger videos and zoom. We play games. I get very excited when a call comes in! I can’t wait for everything to return to normal so I can see my friends again.

Friends by Samantha Weerasekera

My friends are old school friends, past teachers and workers that I have known for years. I have been to their weddings, been introduced to their new babies and they have come to my birthday parties. Being with friends makes me smile. Oh yes, the birds are my friends too.

Isolation – Friends and Neighbours by Anot Bigos

This global isolation due to Corona virus, is an extremely difficult experience for so many people. However for those who have ABI, such as myself, some of us are completely accustomed to living such a solitary lifestyle, this situation is a piece of cake and not such a difficult situation to adjust to!

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