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Top 5 resident responses to the transfer from DHHS to non-government service providers

DHHS will announce the new non-government service providers who will manage government group homes by mid 2018. VALID has been very busy in the last two months providing information to residents of DHHS group homes on how the transfer to non-government service providers will happen and what it means for them. VALID’s self-advocacy team ran 150 information sessions for residents across Victoria, followed by consultations with 143 residents about the details of the transfer to get their feedback.

VALID developed an Easy English presentation for participants to guarantee that they knew exactly what was going to happen to them and their living situation.

There was great interest from residents and many people were keen to engage in the serious issues around how the changes may affect their lives.

The top five responses to come out of the conversation were:

1. “I want to be included in the paperwork”

  • Residents want to be part of decision-making about the information shared about them with the new service provider, and they want to know that their support needs are known.

2. “It’s important to make sure we’re safe and if there is a problem that it gets fixed and no one gets hurt”

  • Residents want information about the safeguarding arrangements under the new service providers, and they want clear information on how to make a complaint.

3. “We have [resident] meetings and if we don’t like the situation, we talk about it with our supervisor or staff and they write it down. I want to keep doing that”

  • Residents want to continue to attend network and peer meetings.

4. “I’ve been part of choosing staff. I want to keep doing that”

  • Residents want to choose the staff that work in their home.

5. “I want to be able to have a say about who moves into my house. I want to choose.”

  • Residents want to choose who move into their homes.

Residents living in DHHS houses want choice and control in the transition. VALID has delivered a report to DHHS with resident feedback and will soon bring together a consultative group to ensure residents of DHHS housing are involved in every step of the transfer over the next year.

For more information, or to get advocacy support you can email Sarah Forbes, or call our hotline on 1800 655 570 between 9am-5pm from Monday-Friday.

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