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VALID Self Advocacy

Open Day

Self-advocacy means speaking up for yourself.

VALID Self Advocacy supports people with intellectual disability to become strong self advocates. Self advocacy empowers people to have control and influence over the decisions and choices that affect their lives. Choice and Control are key pillars of the NDIS and are reflected in VALID’s mission and aims, which are the driving force behind VALID Self Advocacy’s work.

Building the skills and confidence of people with intellectual disability and presenting opportunities to connect with others is also a focus of our work.

VALID Self Advocacy supports:

  • Strengthening participant empowerment and self-determination in Disability Services
  • VALID8
  • Disability Service Providers with implementation of quality initiatives and accessible resources.
  • Creating and/or converting documents into easy English pictorial to make information accessible to people with a disability
  • And facilitates workshops on a range of topics
  • Supporting and/or facilitating consultations with people with a disability in community and government organisations to ensure their voices are heard
  • The VALID Self-advocacy Networks
  • Members of the Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western Self Advocacy Networks to attend forums and events in a representative role.
  • The VALID Self Advocacy Forum

Contact Details

If you would like to inquire about VALID’s initiatives or want more information contact Rick on 03 9416 4003 or email: [email protected]


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