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VALID Self Advocacy

Open Day

Self-advocacy means speaking up for yourself.

VALID’s Self Advocacy team works with people with intellectual disability to become strong self advocates.

Self advocacy is important because it empowers people to have control and influence over decisions and choices that affect their lives.

‘Choice and control’ are essential to the NDIS. VALID’s purposes and aims talk about how we support everyone we work with to have as much choice and control as possible.

The Self Advocacy team supports people with intellectual disability to have choice and control by:

  • Improving their skills and confidence
  • Giving them opportunities to use self advocacy skills to connect with others
  • Creating information in Easy English Pictorial. This makes it more accessible
  • Having workshops on different topics.

VALID’s Self Advocacy team also supports:

  • NDIS participants with intellectual disability to be more empowered in Disability Services they use and live in – for example, group homes
  • The VALID8 team in their work at VALID
  • Disability Service Providers to improve their services and make sure their resources are accessible. This means we help them write in Easy English and review their policies and procedures
  • VALID’s Self Advocacy Networks
  • The VALID Self Advocacy Forum.

Contact Details

Rick is VALID’s Self Advocacy Manager.

You can phone or email him to learn more about VALID’s Self Advocacy work:

(03) 9416 4003

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