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Having a Say Forever

Stories of interest

On the last day at the Having A Say conference, self-advocates (with the support of the VALID Self Advocacy team) ran a VALID self-advocacy network meeting. The network meetings are a great platform for people with disability to speak up about their rights, meet new people and network, learn about what is happening in their community, gain information and confidence in public speaking and be supported to speak up on topical issues that the group wants to discuss and share ideas on.

The Having a Say Network meeting was a great opportunity for people to join in on a network meeting, and delegates from around Australia and overseas shared their favourite parts of the Having a Say Conference.

The VALID self-advocacy network meetings, are held monthly in the North, South, East and West metropolitan areas and the VALID Self Advocacy Team help coordinate the meetings and ensure great guest speakers and services attend to inform and educate network participants.

Some of the Guest Speakers that attended the self-advocacy network meetings in 2018 included:

  • Victorian Electoral Commission
  • Metro Trains
  • Family Planning Victoria
  • Victorian Legal Aid
  • Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria
  • Financial Ombudsman Service
  • Public Transport Ombudsman
  • Disability Services Commissioner

If you would like to inquire about the VALID self-advocacy program or want more information about other VALID services contact: the VALID office on 03 9416 4003 or email: [email protected]

Self Advocate speaking at Having a Say Conference 2019

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