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Interview with Arthur Rogers

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Many Victorians who are involved in disability and in particular have interacted with the Department of Health and Human Services will most likely be very familiar with the name Arthur Rogers.

For those who haven’t heard of Arthur, he has held leadership roles within the Victorian Government in disability, social housing, and is currently the Victorian Disability Services Commissioner.

If you’ve ever had a chance to meet with Arthur, I’m sure you will agree he is a strong advocate for independent choice and the inclusion of people with a disability.

John McKenna from VALID sat down with Arthur at VALID’s Having A Say Conference in February 2019.

During John’s interview with Arthur, he reflected on a personal level about what he’s seen and how the disability landscape has evolved.

Arthur and John covered the National Disability Insurance Scheme; the impacts of institutions on people’s lives; and his thoughts on the importance of self-advocacy – looking back and looking forward.

You can read the transcript here

Disability Services Commissioner Arthur Rogers
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